Central Oregon Truck Company is a Best Fleet to Drive For

Each year the Truckload Carriers Association does the research to determine which trucking companies rank supreme. This year the TCA came together with the truck driver training company CarriersEdge in order to decide which carriers are the best in the business. Among the top 20 trucking companies, we have Central Oregon Truck Company. As one of the Best Fleets to Drive For, COTC won out in the small fleets category. Find out what it takes to run as one of the top performing trucking companies in the nation. More importantly, learn how you can get on board with this fleet to become a driver at one of the best trucking companies in North America.

Top Prize for Central Oregon Trucking Co.

Rick Williams, the current CEO of Central Oregon Trucking Company, was rightfully thrilled to hear that the company was one of the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For. And coming from such a reputable organization as the Truckload Carriers Association made the award even more exciting. When asked what it took to be recognized as one of the top carriers, Williams said, “It was really a team effort. I’m so happy for our company. This recognition is tremendous and shows that all the hard work we’ve done and the sense of community and passion we share with our drivers is respected in the industry.” All of that hard work truly did prove key to the win. Williams added, “We’ve been a finalist for many years, but to win the award this year — words can’t express how honored we are.”

Daseke Trucking Company

Central Oregon Trucking Company is a carrier that is part of the Daseke group of companies. In fact, other companies in the Daseke network including Boyd Bros. and Smokey Point Distributing have all been one of those prestigious carriers listed as Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For winner. When asked how he feels about the recognition, Don Daseke, who is the Daseke CEO, said, “Daseke companies are no stranger to winning prestigious awards, whether that be from shippers, for safety or for driver culture. But I feel the Oscar in the trucking industry is the Best Fleets to Drive For recognition program. Our collective success is built around our drivers. They are our core. What Rick [Williams] and his team have achieved this year is tantamount to winning Best Picture. COTC is really a visionary when it comes to how they work and interact with their drivers. They lead. They don’t follow. It’s why they’ve had the success they’ve had.”

Driving a Truck at Central Oregon Truck Company

Regarding how Williams, a former truck driver himself, feels about his truck drivers, he said, “Driving is a life choice. Drivers choose the lifestyle, and it should come with respect. Our operations team understands that. It’s a hard life on the road and drivers are generally home for only a short period of time, creating a different family dynamic. It’s a difficult challenge. Over the years, we’ve built programs with that in mind.”

Part of these programs for truck drivers at Central Oregon Truck Company includes having an organized truck driver terminal. Whenever a driver gets in off of the road, the carrier uses tracking technology to locate and plan ahead for the driver’s arrival. Using technology the carrier is fully equipped to keep on track with its drivers. This allows helps create a seamless transition from trucking route to home time, which can save drivers substantially with their own time and energy. Then in the trucker terminal, the carrier provides a bevy of resources. These include hotel-style accommodations for drivers who need to catch some zzz’s or have somewhere to stay. In addition, the terminals feature a restaurant, laundry services, trucker showers, and a computer lab. There’s even a gym to help drivers get some exercise in after a few days or weeks on the road.

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Source: Daseke/Central Oregon – News